From: Daniel P

I thought you might want to see some information taken from the UK computer arts mag ‘3D World’ concerning The Lord of the Rings movie (in particulart he 3D animation). I shall type up the small article in the magazine here (it basically details specs on the rendering of the CG for the three movies.)

Article in full:


“New Zealands WETA digital effects company, currently working on New Line Cinema’s ambitious Lord of the Rings film trilogy, has bought 16 dual-processor SGI 1200 severs to cope with the sheer amount of rendering and data-handling in the production. WETA anticipates that something in the dauntingly large region of 100 Terabytes of data will be created and stored throughout the trilogy’s production, scheduled for completion in 2003.”

This was taken from the November 2000 issue of 3D World, published by Future Publishing (

I thought you might like to put this information up for people on your site, particularly as it points out the hardware to be used and the volume of data being stored over the entire trilogy.

If you find this useful, I will continue to scour 3D mags for other information as I come across it.