Another article has appeared, this time in “The Lakes District and Central Otago News” on Friday October 6th. It doesn’t have any pictures but a transcript follows.


Movie set moving to Poolburn
By Kirsty Leggett

The filming of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” continues to amaze and entertain spectators throughout the region and the Poolburn community is no exception.

Crib, bach and hut owners along the Poolburn Dam have received letters from the location manager informing them of the proposed plans around the dam site. The Lakes District and Central Otago News understands the owners have been told to make no comment if approached by the media. Location manager Robin Murphy said the construction and filming of scenes in the area were to remain confidential and were protected by copyright. She also said filming in the area will have positive benefits for the region with increased accommodation, the spending power of the crew and potential news of local labour. But it has been confirmed the building of the “village” set began two weeks ago and could take around five or six weeks to be fully completed. During that time the hut owners have been asked to cooperate with film crew and personnel, including the possibility of vacating the area when necessary. This may be especially necessary as some shots will require the use of the lake and it’s surrounds, she said. Media Liaison Officer Melissa Booth said at this stage the building of the set is a priority and filming would not start for another few weeks. “We are dealing on a weekly basis at the moment, we are presently still in Wellington and will be filming in Twizel before we know more about the filming in Poolburn. It will be another couple of weeks at least before we come down but it will definitely be after a stint in Twizel,” she said. Meanwhile the residents based around the Poolburn Dam have to accept the disruptions to their area and wait for filming to be completed and they get their dam back.