The interview with Sir Ian is broadcast here on Friday at 11am on the Kim Hill show. For those of you outside of NZ, I think I’ve got my head round the daylight saving adjustment. The McKellen interview is on Radio New Zealand’s website, broadcasting live at just after 6pm EST on your Thursday. Check you’re set up to receive it first.

The webmaster at RNZ says: “Occasionally <.5% users experience problems due to javascript client engine problems integration with the Real Player. This is true for Apple and Linux. I have consulted with US experts and there is nothing I can really do to fix this.

It is also important that all visitors to the site already have Real PLayer installed. While there are links available to download and install the player – this site uses Real Player and autostarts immediately site is loaded so if the plugins are not installed the user will get an error message.

Real Networks will not allow plugins to autoinstall as they want to get people to load the entire application.”

Don’t mean to sound like a sales blurb, but you can download that here