Now we have a definite time for interview with Sir Ian on the Kim Hill show, thanks to Peter B:

“Kim Hill just mentioned, on her National Radio show this morning, her upcoming interview with Ian McKellan. I called Radio NZ, and they inform me that the interview is scheduled for Friday 6 October at 11 AM. So lock in your tuners!

By the way, most (all?) Radio NZ shows can be purchased after the fact on tape, in a scheme they call Replay Radio. Worth checking into.”
OK, so for those of you outside of NZ, this interview can be heard live on the Radio New Zealand website. For those of you on EST, that’s going to be THURSDAY at 6pm.

The webmaster has said he may be able to host a clip of the interview on the RNZ website for those that want to listen to it in subsequent days.

The replay radio clips are available for sale from the website too.