From the desks of Ringer staff members Gandalf and Jincey:

In recent reports it has been stated that a funeral procession was recently filmed, and it is speculated that the funeral could in fact be for that of King Theoden of Rohan. But after reading the recent E! Online update info: “In the grassy plains below, Peter Jackson walks Bernard Hill through the next shot, a close-up of King Théoden burying his son in the flower-covered tombs outside the city.” Could this in fact be the funeral of Theoden’s only son, Theodred, and not Theoden? The same article mentions that Ian Mckellen (Gandalf) is there to comfort the grieved Theoden. If this is true then they have changed the story a little. Theodred dies before Gandalf and the three hunters reach Edoras. The way the article is written, it seems that this would take place after Theoden’s ‘healing’ by Gandalf. Since Gandalf wasn’t on good terms with Theoden on his previous visit, this is just something to think about.