Hullo Hall of Fire fans!

This weekend we’ll have another in our series of character chats, this time one of the most beloved hobbits in The Lord of the Rings!

Sam Gamgee: Humble Shire Hero

From his humble beginnings as a gardener and friend, Samwise Gamgee shakes the very ground of Mordor with his steadfast determination, loyalty, and plain hobbit goodness. A faithful friend to the end, Sam makes the difference in The Lord of the Rings where no one else could. Many lessons –both simple and complex- can be learned from this tenacious, generous fellow.

Do you have any favorite Gamgee quotes? This hobbit is as funny as he is wise. How about scenes or deeds of renown that stand tall in your memory? And how about Sam for President… he made one heck of a mayor!

Come on down to The Hall of Fire this weekend and check out the chat! Our featured moderators for Saturday will be Gamgee and Gryph, and on Sunday Leo and/or Frode.

Welcome on board Gryph!

Saturday Chat: 5:30 EDT [10:30 GMT]
Sunday Chat: 6:00 GMT [1:00 EDT]

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