Have you ever wanted to find out what the faces behind the nicks *really* look like? Hurl *real* salad bar fixings at your fellow patrons? Face them in mortal combat?? (oh, wait…wrong article…)

Next summer, you’ll have your chance! Curunir and Messiah are working tirelessly to make your 1420 Wishes and Balrog Wing Dreams come true. In August of 2001, we plan to hold Barliman’s Bash, an event for the folks of Barliman’s to meet, greet, and enjoy one another’s company for a few days.

Food and drink, fun and games, will help to minimize the panic attacks brought on by not actually being in the channel, and the opportunity to watch Mormegil overindulge and drool on himself can’t be passed up!

At the moment, we’ve very little in the way of details about the event, other than the date (August, 2001) and probable location (Chicago, IL…subject to change). We’re waiting to start in-depth planning until after we’ve an idea of how many folks would like to attend – then, we can start seriously arranging the particulars of the event.

If you’d like to meet your fellow Barlimaniacs, please drop an email to barlibash@hotmail.com.
Once we have your interest note, we can start keeping you informed, via email, of the progress we’re making.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring the fun and fellowship that is Barliman’s into the real world!