TORN Staffer Leo sends in info from his dutch site talks about being cast as an Edoras extra!

I got the part because we live in Geraldine, which is a 45 minute drive from Methven, and the model agency asked for extras.

First I had my sons audition, a week later I went myself because I figured this was a once in a lifetime oportunity. A few weeks later they called to ask if my hair was still blond, I said yes and after that went to the store to get some dye for my hair 😉

But last sunday my son and I went to Methven to fit a costume. Arriving there we got some papers which we had to sign because of secrecy concerning costumes, props and filming sessions. The only thing we were allowed to say was what kind of extra’s we were Edoras village people. Filming was gonna start this week, but due to the weather it was postponed until Friday (hopefully).