On Decipher.com’s messageboard (and now on our messageboard) somebody’s posted what they claim to be leaked audition scripts – excerpts of the LOTR script that may or may not be used in that form in the finished movie. Is it for real, or an elaborate hoax? We don’t know. If they’re real, they confirm that Arwen goes to battle or at any rate intends to fight.

(Xoanon Note: Not too sure about these scripts in particular, but there are audition scripts floating around (and a good look in my room should uncover some :)) so to answer Teahnu, yes there are some scripts out there)

(Xoanon Note II: After checking out the link, I can say with certanty that those are excerpts from the audition scripts, the same scripts that we posted here about a year ago, and when Victoria Burrows got wind of it, we were almost man-handled by the casting company’s lawyers, so to my good buddies at Decipher Inc. who are reading this right now, get those posts off your site :))