Great news from Super Ringer Spy Reservoir Dog:

Hi I’m working on a little review of White Devil (a stage play with Hugo Weaving [Elrond] and Bruce Spence [Mouth of Sauron])but as I was sitting here on the computer the TV caught my attention I spun around to see a segment from a show called Premiere about LOTR.

It had footage from the internet preview except it wasn’t on a computer, I don’t know what source they got this from but it looked really good on the small screen and looks like it is in 2.35:1 widescreen ratio (which I suspected it to be) It was amazing to see.

They also had footage from the same location where all those photos of people on the mountain top were taken, the footage showed about five to eight people all dressed the smae practicing with their swords in unison.

The story also had little clips of the stars at various things (awards shows, x-men etc) If people keep watching channel 8 on Foxtel in Australia (and NZ) they should see it again this week, they could also catch a repeat of Premiere whenever it is on.