Ringer Spy Eowyn sedns in an article from a swedish movie mag, and translated it for us as well!

“That the Lord of the Rings will become a movie, you probably already knew.

The first of the three films won’t be out until 2001, but the hysteria will be record high long before that. For the last months Tolkien fans have been flocking like thirsty camels at www.theonering.net It is not the official film site, but it is where everything happens.

TheOneRing.net is updated several times a day, and contains very much information. With tempting warnings such as “Spoilers!” all kinds of spies leave information of various (but entertaining) probability. Here you can find scripts, profiles of the cast, photos and reports from the filming, interviews, facts about the special effects, and of course analysis and opinions, of every picture of every quarter inch of film that someone’s come over (what is that spot there? Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a nazgul!) To this is added a very extensive gallery of links, newsletters, reports from media, chats and a summery of the books that the film is based on. Don’t forget about them!

There is of course a trailer, it was so popular that is was downloaded 1.6 million times the first week it was out. Not too surprising for a film that is using 15 000 extras to it’s huge scenes.”