A nice note came in from down South, about events of the last week:
“Just got back from Golden Bay via Heaphy Track. All last Tues morning I could hear choppers ferrying up to Mt Olympus, which is just across the Aorere River from the Track. Apparently there are huge blocks of stone on the face of the mountain.
Cloud was coming down over the peak, and I could imagine them getting trapped up there. Weather can change very fast and choppers can’t penetrate mist of any sort.
Earlier in the day we’d passed tiny Takaka Aerodrome which seemed to be swamped with vehicles – 20 or so caravans and the same no of trucks. Two choppers were coming and going.”
Thanks to Pete for that.
Which reminds me, last year Pete sent me a photo some friends of his had taken of Mt. Owen, which is in the same region as these mountains; while I’m not familiar with Mt. Aorere and Mt. Olympus, if they’re filming nearby on Takaka Hill I know that it’s another one of these weird, secretive limestone marble landscapes, riddled with holes and clumps of shining tors. Here’s their pic, to give you an idea of the alpine landscape in the area.