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Heres an article, out last friday. I have heard a few other rumours since then, but I seldom get into Takaka from my hidden valley in the mountains nearby. I am a bit of a farmer maggot type myself, and will be taking my horse and trap in tomorrow, so I’ll keep my ear to the ground. It’s quite possible that the “2 days” filming has been and gone. Did notice a few helicopters buzzing round these mountains at the end of last week and in the weekend.

Lord of the Rings scouting for locations

The Lord of the Rings film production crew has been looking for locations in Golden bay after heavy snowfalls further south ruled out the use of planned sites.

Publicist Clair Askin confirms that the production company has recently visited Golden Bay looking for the right landscape to film a scene in the next few weeks involving many cast principals.

Members of the cast include well known actors Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo), Christopher Lee (Saruman), Liv Taylor (Arwen) and Elijah Wood (Frodo). New Zealander Peter Jackson (The Frightners) is the director and has written the screenplay.

Accomadation for up to 170 cast and crew will be needed for around a week, with filming expected to last two days if the weather is fine. Local hostelries have signed confidentiality agreements and so cannot confirm when or if they will be supplying rooms.

Around 60 people will be flown to a remote site in Kahurangi National Park in four helicopters. D.O.C. staff will be involved to ensure filming does not cause damage to the park. It is understood the film crew will not be using explosives or animals.

The filming of JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings began in Wellington in October last year. Peter Jackson says: “We owe Professor Tolkein and his legion of fans worldwide our very best efforts to make these films with the integrity they deserve.

The original books have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide in 25 languages since they were first published more than 50 years ago.