From: Aradan

I have just found out that the British cable channel “Performance” will be showing a documentary on the life of JRR Tolkien at 9:05 on Tuesday, 22nd August. This is what the TV listings supplement of the Guardian newspaper has to say about it:

‘The Hobbit was recently voted best book of the 20th century in a reader’s poll, and this documentary investigates the life of its creator, JRR Tolkien. Orphaned at a young age, Tolkien retreated into worlds of fantasy, and by the age of 13 was inventing whole new alphabets and languages.

Footage of him as an old man shows him inscribing his books with dedications in Elvish – one translates “may a star shine upon our meeting”. Having survived the first world war trenches, he became a professor at Oxford and set about forging an epic mythology for England – a wildly unfashionable undertaking then as now, but one which was, and still is, welcomed fervently by a legion of readers.’

Unfortunately I don’t have cable TV so I won’t be able to see it, but if any other UK readers of the One Ring Net do have cable TV, then I look forward to reading a report – especially if it includes anything about the film!