Darth Caesar did the legwork, Darth Caesar gets the t-shirt. Here’s the transcript of proceedings:
>In ODCM there’s an ad for this Total Movie mag and since it’s put out by Imagine I was hoping you could help me. On the cover it say’s the Lord of the Rings trailer is on the dvd but this PR dude from New Line said this: “Just a heads up. I am one of the PR folk at New Line and I can say without a doubt that there will be no trailer for LOTR on any DVD released by Total Movie. This is nothing more than a bogus scam to get subscriptions.” So is it or isn’t it?
The reply to this, from Chris Bushnell, showbiz editor of the Daily Radar:

“Just got off the phone with Total Movie Editor-in-chief Gary Whitta. [he says]The magazine you saw in ODCM (Dreamcast Magazine?-T) was a mockup, a dummy issue they made up prior to the magazine’s launch to sample what it might look like. So there will not be a LOTR trailer on the DVD, but Gary assures me that there is plenty of other kick-ass stuff on the DVD of the actual first issue…which hits magazine stands in a few weeks.”