Lots going on at the Wingate set, and the Hutt Hobbit dropped by to have a look:

Hi Tehanu, do I have a report today!

This morning I went down to the Wingate set to do a bit of spying, and struck gold again. Amongst the debris and props at the set were several horses, with some famous characters sitting on them. At the front was Ian McKellen dressed as Gandalf. He had long white robes, beard and hair. In his hand he held a long white staff, that had intricate designs at its end. His horse Shadowfax was standing calmly, even as the bright lights were switched on and bathed them in light. Gandalf was looking up and speaking at a camera set up on scaffolding about 20 feet above him. Possibly calling on Saruman at the tower?) Behind Gandalf were several brown horses. On one horse sat Legolas and Gimli. Legolas had long blond hair, a quiver full of arrows and his bow, while Gimli had a very large axe that looked very useful for chopping Orcs. Gimli had a full beard and a helmet, just like we see him in the internet preview. Beside Legolas’ horse there was another, but I could not recognize the rider. However the passenger was a hobbit. I could not quite see his face, but I am sure that it was Merry. A few more horses were about, being ridden by actors in armour. This set is a hive of activity, and there is plenty happening to keep a hobbit happy 🙂

A quick glance at my hobbit watch and I realised I was late for work. Jumping into my hobbitmobile, I sped off, vowing to return. Fortunately for me, my boss reads LOTR once a year, so he was not too upset at my tardiness.


The Hutt Hobbit