Here comes the next installment of The Hall of Fire live chat. Thanks to those of you who are regulars at our weekend discussions, and if you haven’t been yet, we’d love to have you jump in at any time. For this Saturday, we’re going to talk about Boromir

Boromir: Tragic Hero of Gondor

A proud, strong warrior and leader of men, Boromir the Brave is a tragic figure in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. His need for power, action, and deeds pushes him too far, yet we can admire much in this great hero. How would you have fared under the influence of the Ring? What would have been the outcome if Boromir had come into possession of It, or if he had persuaded the Walkers to go to Minas Tirith? Would Boromir have acknowledged Aragorn as King? Finally, what lessons can we learn from Boromir?

Come share your thoughts with us!

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