Greetings fellow fans. I have returned with more news regarding a certain movie project we all know and love. Just 2 kilometers from my hobbit hole there is a set that has been idle for some time, but now has jumped into life. The other morning on my way to work (Yes, even a hobbit like me needs a day job. Spying does not pay well :() I saw the familiar sight of large lights on cranes over at the Wingate set. I quickly spun my hobbitmobile around and broke several traffic laws in my haste to investigate this sight.

And I have struck gold here folks. This is most likely Isengard. There was a large wooden wheel-like prop lying at about 20 degrees that looked similar to a cable drum on the leftmost side of the set. To the far right was half of another wheel that had large spokes and some very nasty looking spikes about a meter long sticking out at regular intervals around it. You may have seen the photo at The set was flooded about 2 feet deep, so it would appear that these objects were partially submerged. Between these two props there was a wooden frame that was lashed together with rope. At the top of this frame was a pulley with a rope through it. One end of the rope dangled in the water, while the other end was tangled around one of many dead trees that were scattered at random about the set. On closer inspection I also saw a couple of barrels floating near the frame. Broken lengths of timber were also scattered about. ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ I thought to myself. I sped off in a cloud of smoke, determined to return.

Later that day I returned to carry on my observations. There were several trucks parked in front of the set to obscure it, but not enough to prevent me from seeing an actor in a green-ish outfit walking about. I saw an inflatable dinghy with an aluminium frame sitting by the set. Obviously they will be doing some shots on the water.But the best thing i saw there was an actor in white robes, with long white hair and beard. Saruman or Gandalf? I could not be sure. This set has my curiosity aroused. What is that large spiked wheel? Is it part of some type of seige equipment like a catapult? Or does it serve some other purpose? The frame with the pulley. Is it a crane or seige equipment? Regardless of the answers, this is a VERY IMPRESSIVE SET and we are going to see some magnificent scenes in the finished film. I will endeavour to keep you folks informed of any activity at Wingate, and keep you informed on the changes that are happening at the Helm’s Deep set.

Until the next report

The Hutt Hobbit