Several of The Lord Of The Rings stars attended the opening of the play “Blowing It” at Bats Theatre yesterday. The stars, including Wood, British actors Sir Ian McKellen and Bernard Hill, were invited by the play’s director and co-writer Stephen Sinclair (this appears as the tailend of an Evening Post story on ‘stuff’ which basically rehashes yesterday’s e!online report).

Sinclair is a scriptwriter on The Lord Of The Rings. He was involved in the beginning stages of the project, sketching out the bigger shapes of the story, according to people I’ve talked to. Since then he’s written and produced a number of stage comedies that have toured NZ, and he’s noted for his keen whit and sense of satire. Having somebody like him on the writing team almost guarantees that LOTR won’t suffer from the kind of overblown, over-serious self-regard that has spoiled other fantasy movies in the past.