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Archive for August, 2000

McLeod IS Rosie Cotton!

E! Online tells us that Sarah McLeod (Get Real) has been cast as Sean Astin’s (Sam) love interest. We can all sleep now.

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Web Watch: E! Online

E! Online has updated their ‘Force of Hobbit’ monthly feature. Check it out for an interview with Sean Bean (Boromir) [More]

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Tolkien Fun Section

Hello again everyone!!! Gamgee here, with yet another thrilling Tolkien adventure! Our last winner was Mark S.! Way to go my friend!!! The answers were:
1) Beechbone
2) Wormtongue
3) Gandalf
Here are the questions for today:
1) “Which river’s name translates to silver-course? (mentioned in Two Towers)”
2) “opftrouod” (Scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing…check “Fellowship” for this answer)
3) “You have looked in that accursed stone of wizardry!” (Who said this?… try RotK)
As usual, Mail me with your answers, the 1st person to mail all 3 correct answers in on letter will be posted here next time!….Gamgee

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Media Watch: Empire Magazine has LOTR Standing behind a Wookie

From: Monkeyman

LOTR has dropped to no 2 in Empire Magazine’s UK (August ’00) list of the 20 most anticipated movies – and it’s been replaced with Star Wars: Episode 2! [More]


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Genuine LOTR crew vests for sale at auction

This one’s legal: The New Line Movies site is offering fleecy vests with the official LOTR logo on the front, just like the ones worn by the production crew. (more)

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Contest Extension!

Quickbeam just sent me an email with news the Green Books Birthday Brain Bender contest will extend its deadline to September 7th! So relax, take your time and enter for your chance to win the British Millennium Edition of LOTR! [contest rules and entry]

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Everyone say Welcome!

The latest website to join is ‘Lasselanta’!

Lasselanta is a Community web site primarily aimed at supporting the T.O.R.n messageboard community by providing a more permanent space for activities related to them. Thus we archive parodies posted on the boards and host the schedule for the Lord of the Rings reading group. But it also has material inspired by T.O.R.n or simply cooked up by Gorel. [More]

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Web Watch:

Film-maker tries to suppress images: The company behind the Lord of the Rings movie is flexing its legal muscle to try to stop the public getting images of the film’s sets and characters.

Creatures and crew emerge for greasies: Lord of the Rings filming has caused a sensation in Motueka.

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ANCANAR: Casting News -Update-


Continuing to bring a new level of interactivity to filmic storytelling, is giving their principle cast members a four-day run to get their faces known. Included are biographies on the actors and their respective characters, pictures, and audio clips from each actor’s original audition for the part! Cast week began yesterday and continues through this Saturday, revealing the four major characters and the “newcomer” actors. Also included is an in-depth log of the casting process taken from producer Raiya Corsiglia’s journal. [More]

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Black Riders drop in for a battle in Arrowtown

Horsing around . . . The Black Riders of Mordor take a break during filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy near Arrowtown yesterday afternoon.

By Kerry Williamson

Queenstown: The Black Riders of Mordor rode into Arrowtown yesterday, won a battle, and drank some coffee.

The Otago Daily Times got close to the action yesterday during the filming of parts of the $360 million Lord of the Rings trilogy, near Arrowtown.

A film unit of about 50 crew and 50 extras, several horses, some masked creatures and of course, the famous Black Riders, spent the day filming near the Arrow River.

The unit – part of Wellington producer Peter Jackson’s entourage – filmed mostly battle scenes yesterday, and is expected to film for much of this week.

The film’s first unit – led by Jackson – is due in the Queenstown-Lakes district early next week.

But yesterday, extras got their chance to shine. And the ODT was there to watch, albeit from a distance and beside a security guard and a media-wary publicist.

There were about 30 horse riders, dressed in dark battle gear, holding aloft Crusader-type flags charging down the river.

They clashed several times with about 20 shorter, stockier warriors on foot – maybe they were evil orcs, maybe they were Middle Earth soldiers – complete with intricate masks, swords, shields and big feet.

After the heat of battle, masks came off to show tired and dirty faces. The Black Riders dismounted and sipped hot coffee.

Yesterday’s shoot is one of two taking place in the South Island this week.

The first unit – with stars Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom, and director Barrie Osborne – is filming near Golden Bay.

While several people wandered into the site yesterday, most were kept away from filming. Publicist Melissa Booth said security was tight because of the threat of photographers catching secrets on film.

The first film – The Fellowship of the Ring – is due for release late next year.

The company behind the movie is moving to stop the public getting images from the film, NZPA reported from Christchurch yesterday.

Publicist Claire Raskind said the film-maker would be enforcing its copyright, which meant photographs taken by the The Press of a Lord of the Rings film set in Mid-Canterbury could not be sold.

The Evening Post, which was to sell posters of images from the movie, has withdrawn them from sale under threats of an injunction.

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Black Riders train in Arrowtown….battle scenes reported!

Scooped by the Otago Daily Times’alert Queenstown journo! Head on over to the ODT site and click on ‘General’ in the left-hand menu, until we get a better link. It’s the second down in ‘General’ for today (the 31st of August.) [More]


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More on Copyright.

This is more interesting. The Christchurch Press is also being chased by the law over its famous Edoras shots, taken from public land (the Evening Post was on dicier ground because its poster included images from the official internet preview, we hear)…New Line is claiming copyright over the pics of Edoras as well.
The Press has done some fairly pro-active sleuthing on other LOTR matters as well. (more)

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