Wow! Thanks to J. Morris for this tip:

To Whom it May Concern,

Not sure if this has been brought to your attention yet, but Bill Hunt’s DVD website “The Digital Bits” ( has posted some pictures from the Video Software Dealer’s Association Show in Las Vegas. A couple of the shots show a small display case from New Line, featuring some props from LOTR. The page with the pictures is here:

One of the “props” appears to be a model of the odd, bug-eyed creature first spotted on the computer screen in the LOTR teaser (the one some people mistook for Gollum).

– J. Morris

VSDA 2000 - LOTR PropsVSDA 2000 - LOTR Props
What is this\? A Troll\?

This is definitely something that was missing from last week’s IGN report. I wonder what the large “King Kong” looking thing can be. Possibly the troll we have seen so much of in the Internet Preview?

Another possibly idea: The Balrog? Doubt it. From all reports, WETA is guarding the Balrog tighter then Fort Knox.

But then again, why was this image left out of the initial report? Hrm…very interesting!