Greetings Tolkien Chat Fans!

My commerades Gandalf and Gamgee have recently returned from an excursion to Rivendell. There they met with Elrond to ponder at length an important topic, and they were good enough to bring the gem back for us to discuss as well:

What is the Nature of Magic in Middle-earth?

Throughout the history of Tolkien’s world, the use of what we call magic was a regular practice for both the side of Good as well as Evil. Spells are woven and cast, swords glow blue when enemies are close at hand, Sauron hurls fire from Orthanc, Burt the Troll’s handbag talks, rings lend their wearers special abilities and powers… From palantiri to the rods of the five wizards, what is it all about? Elves don’t prefer the word ‘magic,’ so what is it exactly?

In addition to this, we’ll share our favorite magic moments. What is yours: the mirror of Galadriel, Luthien casting her spell on Morgoth, Bilbo’s vanishing act, Gandalf encountering the winged Nazgul, or perhaps something else?

Time: Saturday, July 8, 5:30 EDT [10:30 GMT]
Place: #thehalloffire chatroom on server