Jonny from The Realm of the Ring gave us an update on the new film location in the Wairarapa.

“Yesterday I went up to Carterton to see if I could spot any filming.I found out that due to the good weather they were using an area just north of Featherston (another small town near Carterton -T.)There were two JAMB signs pointing up two driveways next to each other. One very very long-looking driveway headed up towards a rather expensive homestay place and the other going to a private property. Back down the road there was another driveway that had a cottage that you could hire for a night or so, this driveway angled back and ran parallel to the driveway that LOTR are using. The sign also said that the cottage was 1.8km from the road. So we headed down this driveway that ran parellel to the LOTR driveway and watched through the trees as we drove along I saw cones every here and there. At about 1.5km (on our driveway) there was like a checkpoint kind of setup(on the LOTR driveway) and then their path headed out into a paddock. I didn’t spot any stars or any filming.”

So there we are, slightly further ahead than we were. We know where, we just don’t know WHAT. Good luck finding out,Jonny!