The Dominion – which doesn’t let us use their copy – carried a story a few days back about somebody selling WETA props such as swords, on E-Bay. This of course upset WETA, who were shocked to discover that somebody was claiming to have real swords used in LOTR filming, for sale by auction. The film company contacted Ebay and got them to stop the sale, because the goods were either stolen or fake. Due to time differences, it was difficult to contact Ebay immediately and in fact the sale was stopped only hours before the hammer fell on the sword, as the Dom puts it.

“We got in touch with the legal department four hours before the deadline was to fall on this thing,” said LOTR producer Osborne. By then about 15 bids had been put in.

“No weapon or armour used in the making of the trilogy had been given away, sold or lost,” said Osborne. “Even though we have thousands, we have them thoroughly inventoried.” He went on to say that no armour or swords were being sold currently, and if they did change their minds and decide to sell some after the production was over, it would only be a few pieces. “The original pieces that were made are works of art. They’re beautiful.”