The Official Lord of The Rings website has updated its ‘Live on Set’ RealAudio feature. This time talking with an unnamed person, who is in turn talking about Peter Jackson:

“Peter is very enthusiastic about this project and is a very big fan of Lord of the Rings, and is extremely knowledgeable and has been steeped in the project for the last 4 years and really has command of every nuance of the book and is capturing it on film, which is very true to form. And yet he has a great way with actors so that he manages to capture a performance that is really unique. He is a great collaborator to work with, which also makes it rewarding for all key people on the set, and probably for everybody because everybody feels comfortable that they can come up and make a suggestion or comment and know that they can do so without being attacked or be subject to the directorial prerogative, and Peter will filter through those things and use what’s good, and wither out what’s not.”