will be in Atlanta GA June 29 – July 2 at Dragon*con 2000 for what promises to be the largest fan operated sci-fi/fantasy convention in the USA. will be involved in presenting a new program theme, or track, centering on JRR Tolkien and his works.

A couple sessions will consist of trivia contests. Knowing how much many of you enjoy the trivia quiz posted here on the Green Books pages, I thought it would be cool to offer everyone a chance to suggest a trivia question (or a few).

The categories are:
Tolkien, the Man (trivia centered on JRR: his life, his family, his friends)
There and Back Again (questions specifically related to The Hobbit)
Persons, Places, Races, Rings and Things (as it says : ); this is where swords and Crickhollow come to play)
History of Arda and Middle Earth (who begat who, who killed who, and when!!)
LOTR, The Movies (who is playing Hama? Who is the cinematographer?)
Lesser Known Works (Farmer Giles, Smith of South Wootten Major, Roverandom, et al )
Battles (test your battle knowledge… )
Women in LOTR (so few and far between… )
The Silmarillion (a tough category… lots of material to choose from)
Unfinished Tales (not as tough as the Silm, but maybe a bit more obscure)
Love Stories (Luthien and Beren, Aragorn and Arwen…. you get the idea)
Heros and Villians (from Arda to Hobbiton… they’re everywhere!!)

If you have an idea for another category, pass it on to me… : )

Submit your trivia questions, answers (3 or 4 choices, with the correct choice underlined) and the source to jincey. These questions will premiere at DragonCon, and eventually will move onto our already huge trivia page.

Deadline for questions to be in for the DragonCon contests is Sunday, June 25.
Thanks y’all : )