That’s right! If you missed seeing our exclusive pix of the movie production that were shown at ImagineCon and Cond’Or, here’s another chance! will be presenting a session or three at Dragon*con 2000 in Atlanta GA June 29 – July 2. Our sessions include “Tolkien and the Web,” “Secrets Revealed,” and also a couple of “Tolkien Trivia Contests.” We are always in search of fresh trivia, especially now. If you have a great question, please check Barliman’s page here for more info on categories and how to submit.

We are happy to be part of America’s largest fan run sci-fi/fantasy con and will be there in force… Calisuri, Corvar, and myself have all made plans, as well as at least one Barliman’s regular. If you are close by, check the convention out. It promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever attended before!