Well, much to my surprise Ringer Spy Ciggy has once again come to me to show you folks some of the latest and greatest from the LOTR camp down in NZ, here’s the latest from Ciggy, and his short order cook/dog training pal, JVC:


I hope the contract out on your life has been terminated, here are more pics to whet your appetite, the first shows what ‘forced perspective’ looks like, that is really Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen on that wagon, they can make Elijah look smaller because he’s sitting further back from the camera than Ian McKellen. Since the camera can only see in 2 dimensions, it looks as it Elijah is Hobbit sized, very keen.

Next is the first ever close-up shot of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, he looks the part very well, and from what I see and hear, is really getting ‘into’ the role, and ‘IS’ Aragorn.

More coming soon,


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