Super Ringer Spy Xtem checks in with a brief report about some filming going on near the wellington Airport:

One of the units has been filming in the “Kiwi Warehouses” right next to the Wellington airport for the last couple of nights. This has been possible due to the fact that the filming only seems to be carried out during the night, when flights in and out of the capital do not occur very regularly (there is a close-down period, due to the proximity to residential complexes). One part of the wooden walls which borders the road has been taken down. This is to ensure good satelite communication, as the roughly 4 foot dish sits slightly hiding behind the wall, but with the main part jutting out of the gap. They’ve had to block this off with a simple construction of a few traffic cones and “Danger” tape, wrapped around the ‘doorway’ in a vague square.

On a good night, walking along the pavement will warrant sightseers with the sight of one of the make-up trucks, complete with manequins, which obviously are use for the placement of wigs and masks. Inside the Warehouses all I could see were the tops of numerous tents, mostly navy blue in color with some white, all in a row. Shooting the Bag End party perhaps?

More info as it comes in.

Xtem out.