Well, looks like the news is rather slow today, so I thought I would take a second to highlight some of the really cool parts of TheOneRing.net:

Did you know that the FOTR is definitely coming out December 14th 2001? Check out the international release dates and our countdown here.

Check out a great recipe for “Shire Soup.”

Fan of the Hildebrandt Brothers and their Tolkien artwork? TheOneRing.net exclusively offers their work in our shop section.

Did you know Brad Dourif (Grima in LOTR movies) is going to be in the next Myst game? Check out Gaming Havens.

Looking for someone to discuss LOTR chapter by chapter with? Check out the “Reading Room” discussion area.

What does Christopher Lee (Saruman in the movies) have to say about J.R.R. Tolkien? Check out his words in our Green Books Tributes.

Well that should hold you for the weekend. After all, you do want to save some of the best stuff for the slow work days..:P