It’s a new week, and that means it’s time for a new Hall of Fire. Nazfyratu did some deep thinking as he hiked one of his well-worn paths, and he came up with this great topic:
. o O Art and Tolkien!

Although the images Tolkien has crafted for his readership belong ultimately to each of us in our own minds, The Professor has inspired countless artistic visions that have been brought to life. The variety of media used to express visions of Tolkien runs the gamut, but we’re going to focus on painting, sketching, and drawing. Take a quick look at some of our fan art, or spend the next few days getting to know one of our community sites, Rolozo Tolkien, which has an enormous stockpile. Grab the internet address of a favorite Tolkien picture to bring with you to our chat, and we’ll be able to share our favorite pictures as we talk together.

Do you have a favorite Tolkien artist? Thinking back on calendars, posters, book jackets, even the work of the author himself in his published collection Pictures of J.R.R. Tolkien, what is it about this art that moves you? Is it the scene itself, a rendition of a favorite setting or character, or is it something deeper… tone, imagery, perspective, color, light?
Perhaps you’ve done something yourself that you’d like to share with us during our chat. All are welcome, and we hope to see you at The Hall of Fire!

Date & Time: Saturday, June 3 at 5:30 EST [-5 hours GMT]
Place: #thehalloffire on our server,….accessible through your own chat client or our site’s java page

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