Xtem here, passing on a report from my “little trainee” TaupoGrrl

Wondered why Department of Conservation Officials gave PJ such a hard time? Here’s a direct quote from the DOC

Tongariro Taupo Conservancy administers approximately 217,000 ha of land owned by the Crown. The area is noted for its volcanic and geothermal activity and recreational opportunities. A series of spectacular eruptions of Mt. Ruapehu in 1995/96 put the Tongariro National Park and the area on the world stage. Tongariro was New Zealand’s first national park, created following a gifting of the sacred central North Island peaks to the nation in 1887.

Subsequently the park has been inscribed on the World Heritage List for its natural landscape and associative cultural landscape features.

Just out of interest factor, the report about the casting call down in Christchurch is most likely a Three Foot Six ad, as they are going down to shoot there next month. Talking to a Rohan extra who’s been working with the company since the beginning of the year, they stated that if he could get down there for the next month shoot then he would be able to get in. He has read parts of the script. Yes, your eyes didn’t decieve you. There are actually extras out there who HAVE read the script. Unfortunately my womanly charms were not enough to bribe him to get me a copy….

He stated that the parts that were dropped (ie; Tom Bombadil) didn’t add to the story, it was a movie being created, if they followed the novel accurately it would most likely require 7 episodes, each 3 hours long! As for the added bits – well, he wasn’t very simpathetic towards Arwen (Liv Tyler). Felt that although she looks every part the part (oh so beautiful), that she didn’t come across as being “strong” (ie; she’s a petite woman, and it’s come across that way in the movie). Then again, the character is suppose to be a couple of hundred years old.

Finally, it seems that the Helms Deep set is finally being torn (TORN ha! ha! sorry -Xo) down (so if for some funny reason you live in the Wellington region and haven’t seen it yet, get going….), to be replaced by the Minas Tirith set – but that’s common knowledge, I think.