Hello Tolkienites! Welcome to yet another challenging edition of the Tolkien fun section. Our last winner was again Morden. Morden is getting fast on the draw folks, you guys had better speed it up, if you are going to best him! The answers were:
1) Fang, Grip, and Wolf
2) Frogmorton
3) Elrond
Here are the questions for today:
1) “What was the 1st name of the Old Took?”
2) “poohnir” (Scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) “No one ever has luck in there. You’ll get lost. People don’t go in there.” (Who said this?)
Do you have them figured out? If so, mail me with your answers, the 1st person to send me all 3 correct answers in one mailing will be posted here next time!…..Gamgee