The Mirror of Galadriel

Oh annoying one 😛

This is Galadriel of the Koga Ninja Clan.

I am writing regarding these films you keep making me talk to you about. Here is my story this time.

I was running around the forest practicing my Dragon Stance and my approach techniques when I felt a grumble in my stomach.

I had a feeling for Sushi. I wondered why this was possible because I had eaten an hour previously. I could almost smell the wasabi… in fact I could smell wasabi: using my heightened sense of smell I went in search.

Once again I came across the The Lord of the Rings set of Helms Deep. Today they were filming scenes of Rohan Horsmen chasing Uruks with Body doubles of Gandalf, Legolas , Theoden, Eomer and Aragorn on horses also.

I noticed that there was a blue screen up that day, 5 meters in height and 15 meters across to be exact. At this point I was suspicious so I went in for a closer look. Thankfully the Riders of Rohan came close to where I was so I grabbed one and dressed in his costume. Complete with helmet with blonde hair glued onto the back, I rode closer to the Director’s tent to take a look.

I jumped off the horse and looked at the LCD screen showing test shots of the previous take. And this they would never know: that their security is no match for a Koga Ninja.

I had noticed that there were a lot of PNS, or Provisional Stunts (Fighter), but still that did not explain the extremely large blue screen. Hunting around for more information I watched as Uruk Hai extras lined up in formation: pikesmen, swordsmen, and crossbowmen, all who have distinctly different armor.

I waited a while longer until one of the Assistant Directors started yelling things at the Uruk Hai. What he said would interest you.

‘ok all, Gandalf has arrived! You are very scared; we need you to run towards the blue screen, because you have just noticed a forest appear behind you in the last five minutes so you are running for shelter.’

He shouted across the quarry. What I was more interested in at this time was the ear pieces most of the Assistant Directors and heads of each division had.

But then I thought, ‘These are Ents coming at the end of the Battle.’ The Ents had arrived!! Obviously they will be in the movie, so all can rest their Tolkien hearts.

I left my horse which I called ‘POOKY’ and made my way for the female toilets. Grabbing a lady who appeared to me as an A.D. I tied her with toilet paper and took her ear piece. Over it I heard a lot.

*Due to weather conditions the new Helms Deep sets will be filmed in studio along with the retreat to the glittering caves.

*Minas Tirith will be erected in the same quarry and will be in production around spring.

*From Wednesday-Friday this week, elves will be used in studio for the Helms Deep studio sets.

*Torrential rain has slowed down the production at Haywards Hill and they are missing vital shots which they can only do at the outdoor sets.

*Ents are completely CGI with the help of WETA visuals, apparently they look more tree-like than human-being-like but somewhat transform from tree into walking being.

*Other scenes included huge battles between Uruk Hai and Rohan warriors in front of the 3 scale miniature of Helms Deep castle; using lighting and camera trickery it looks like the battle field is dense with fighters and the castle will look like it is in the distant background.

This concluded my day at the Helms Deep set. I headed back to the Dunharrow set because I had dropped one of my favorite Vials of Poison and it was the last I had so I needed it desperately.

Dunharrow consisted of many tents with Rohan and Dunedain warriors, Viggo Mortensen was doing a small scene where he walked from one tent to another with many background Rohirrim behind him. This was interesting because not only have I seen him speak Elvish on screen at Helms Deep, but I also admired his acting skills.

I managed to slip off the set using my Ninja skills of invisibility and deception. Moments later I was back in the forest practicing my Dragon Stance again.

What happened next is between me and my gods… and maybe you.

Until next time,

Keep an eye open,