Super Ringer Spy Xtem sheds some light on the Lyall Bay Set in Wellington:

Lyall Bay

Xtem reporting in. After spending what seems like an eternity from what I can only describe as an Eye following me, I believe that I have finally stayed in the shadows long enough to evade angry New Line notice of trespass!

Something which I am quite surprised hasn’t been reported yet was the filming down at Lyal Bay on Wednesday last week. Large marquee tents were set up on a grassy knoll, on a slight rise from the Southernly facing beach, while in front was a mountainous slope about 80 degrees up. Filming went into the night, with floodlights lighting up the entire hillside. The next day the site was already beginning to be vacated.

The photo below shows what the background would’ve been like. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any photos which actually showed the site.