Ringer Spy Altariel spills the beans on the latest from Helms Deep

Here is a list of more usefull information that you may find interesting:

The production is behind schedule at the moment. They have not completed all there studio work that they wanted and they are only just catching up at Helms Deep. They were apparently about 2 months behind when they started at Ruapehu and they made up a few weeks because they got the battle scenes done quicker than expected and are now back in town. The current Helms Deep shoot may have to go for another week due to ‘a few hiccups’ with the cast and crew (whatever that means) and that should put the next filming for unit 2 back another week as they were to go to another set somewhere on a Wellington beach next week but shall have to stay back. After they are gone an unexpected re-shoot of some Unit 1 scenes will be done out there and PJ and some main actors will be going back-this includes Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn).

On Wednesday they got some amazing stuff done with Gandalfs stunt double on his horse. They had him in full costume long white robes and staff in hand – rearing his horse up on top of the ramp. They nearly had a few traffic accidents while people just stopped there cars in the road or pulled over and took pictures (none of which were confiscated)They have finished the visible hose stunts but horses can still be seen with riders in full costume riding them about the set.

In Methven they have started building a set for when they go down there in August and it is rumored that they will be doing there last battle scenes down there- this is going to involve Eowyn (Miranda Otto) and a few other main actors- so you can guess what they will be doing. Rohan shoots and the battle of the Pelennor fields.

Xoanon note: Films getting behind schedule is rather commonplace, the most recent I can think of is Mission: Impossible 2, but these sort of things happen on shoots. The elements are a force to be messed with considering the amount of outdoor scenes in these films, and you can’t pay mother nature to hold off while they finish an important scene.