On slow news days, I like to take this time to highlight some very distracting parts of TheOneRing.net. While your boss might not enjoy my efforts, I’m sure you will!

Who is the film’s 2nd Unit 2nd Director? Check out the complete crew listing.

Find out the facts in our Movie FAQ. In the film adaptation of LOTR, what are they going to change? To what extent will the dialogue from the books be used?

What was it like going to an audition for the LOTR films? Check out one of our NZ Exclusives.

“iitlognv” (Scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing). Send your answer to Gamgee in the Tolkien Fun Section of Barliman’s.

Read about the fate of orcs in a log from our Tolkien weekly chat, Hall of Fire.

Like mp3’s? Listen to Patrice Deceuninck’s interpretation of the music of Middle-earth in our Fan Music section.

Do orcs have night vision? Did Boromir lie about having the dream of Rivendell? Our super staff in Green Books answers the most obscure Tolkien questions.

Looking for a good Tolkien MUD or MUSH?

How about reading the news in Russian?

Or maybe you always wanted to have a cool TheOneRing.net banner, but didn’t know where to find them?

Why not read Peter Jackson’s complete screen-play from the masterpiece “Heavenly Creatures.”

That should hold you for a while..:)