According to the New Zealand Herald, casting director Liz Mullane has called for more extras to play mainly Elves and Uruk Hai.
“Mullane, fresh from accompanying the films’ huge cast at a shoot on Mt. Ruapehu, has been back on the streets of Wellington looking out for talent.”
The film requires more Elves – “tall and slim, very beautiful and stylish, 5ft 10 and over;” and “Soldier types” (for the Uruks, we presume) who should be “good, fit sorts of build, 5ft 9 and over.” Both men and women were wanted, though men were preferred for the soldiers. No hobbits were required at this stage.
Hopefuls are invited to present themselves at the NZ Dance and Drama centre in Wellington between llam and 3pm this Saturday and Sunday. Ms. Mullane warned that this might be the last opportunity for extras.