Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) was recently spotted at a photo shoot for ‘Vanity Fair’ in Hollywood, Spy Cuthalion managed to square off a few tender moments with our lovely Elven Queen to talk LOTR, this is what Cuthalion reports:

(Cate) is PERFECT! When you are in the room with her, its like she’s glowing. Her voice is perfect, her face is ageless. We are in luck.

Also, Cate hasn’t even had time to read the books in her busy schedule. She is listening to them on tape.

A direct quote, on her role as Galadriel, “I hope I do it justice!” She says Peter Jackson is an amazing director. She had some preliminary pics from Alan Lee with her but was unable to retrieve them. She will start filming in a month. She is perfect and queenly! She is a stunning woman. We as Tolkien fans should be honored.

She says elves will have general english accents, but with a welsh-ish sound, like tapping R’s as such. Cate hasn’t seen the internet preview, so I gave her She hopes to download the internet trailer. That’s all! We are blessed!

Thanks to Cuthalion for the impromptu interview!