The Mirror of Galadriel

Galadriel, our Koga Ninja Spy down in New Zealand, returns to the fold with more information from the LOTR production.

oh forgetful one,

it is I, Galadriel, back from the 5th dimension to bring you some more news on your ‘Lord of the Rings’ film.

I have just returned from climbing the slopes and valleys of Mount Fuji. I was on an errant mission to visit my old Sensei wise man who lives high in the mountainside.

I made my way into his chambers and proceeded to meditate for many days, in the long quiet darkness I felt my mind leave my body, it floated across the sea and back to New Zealand, it was searching…searching for someone…

…I entered the mind of a LOTR crewmember, thinking this may help in your task to find all information on the project. What I did find out was informative.

Filming of The Last Alliance at Tongariro National Park has been cut short due to the cold snap they’ve recently had. They had planned to stay for 4 more weeks but will only stay for another week. The filming went extreemly well and all of the needed shots were completed.

The team down at the Helms Deep set will be back in production soon, they’ll be filming scenes such as the interior of the castle and some major battle scenes.

Meanwhile, at Stone Street Studios in Miramar they’ve just completed some super secret scenes there. Of these even I cannot divulge to you, as even my host body knew these are well hidden secrets.

My soul then drifted from the host and returned to me atop Mount Fuji, which is where I stayed in deep meditation for weeks longer.

Until next time,

Keep an eye open