Come on down for a chat with the Editor in Chief of Cinescape Magazine, Steve Hockensmith. This special event will be a moderated discussion, where questions will be filtered through one of our staff and answered in person by Mr. Hockensmith. To get an idea of the coverage The Lord of the Rings will see in Cinescape, you can check out this link to Cinescape Online, then select Lord of the Rings in the ‘Movie Previews’ pull down menu and click ‘View Article.’

If you’ve picked up a copy of Cinescape Magazine, you know that their coverage of Peter Jackson’s films will be a treat. We’re very excited to provide access for folks like Mr. Hockensmith to LotR fans and get a glimpse behind the scenes of this aspect of the movie industry.

Time: 8:00 p.m. EST [-5 hours GMT]
Place: Barliman’s chatroom here at; options for chat access located to your right.

If you have trouble getting into the room for this chat or on other occassions, please email us here.

Thanks! Hope to see you at this exciting event. Tookish