Continuing on his LOTR theme, Bill Amend shows us Ringwraiths, and Orcs and girls! Oh my!

Scene: Set of LOTR

Ringwraith: Mordorrr…

Jason and Marcus: Cool! A Ringwraith!

Orcs: Doom! Doom! Doom!

Jason and Marcus: Cool! An Army of Orcs!

Galadriel: Greetings, friends, I am the lady Galadriel.

Jason and Marcus: aaaaa! A girl called is ‘Friends’!

cut to: PJ and an assistant behind the camera, PJ’s head in his hands

Assistant: I’m pretty sure we can switch some of that around in editing

Jason and Marcus: Run, Sam, run! Look out for the Gaffer Mr. Frodo, sir!

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