Having gotten an email about this last week, I was wary, I assumed people thought the trailer we’ve all seen on the net will be in theatres, which I know will never happen, but now this from Cinescape. It seems we’re going to see a NEW trailer in theatres perhaps THIS summer! Woo Hoo!!!

From: Cinescape.com

Theatrical ‘LOTR’ Trailer? Okay, we’ve all seen the online Lord of the Rings preview, but when’s it, or the first official trailer, going to hit movie theater screens? According to Mr. Showbiz columnist Charles Fleming, it may be very soon courtesy of an unnamed source at New Line. The source reports that New Line is currently working on a trailer for the first of three films, which won’t open until Christmas 2001, for theater screens either this summer or fall. The source also tells the columnist, “It will be huge. You won’t be able to escape it.”