Hello Tolkienites! Gamgee here. Well, yesterday’s questions must have been too hard, as I only recieved one reply, instead of the usual 20 or so. So today…. we will have an easy day. Our winner yesterday was Ecthelion! Good job man! The answers were:
1) Sirannon
2) Belecthor
3) Gildor
Here are the questions for today:
1) “What was the name of the raven who brought tidings to Thorin at Lonely Mountain?”
2) “idsnrani” (scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) “Choose one spot as a nursery, and see what happens to the plants there.” (Who said this?”)
As always, Mail me with your answers, the 1st person to mail all 3 correct answers to me in 1 letter, will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!…..Gamgee