Hullo Tolkien chat fans!

Another great topic has been conjured up by my favorite wizard Gandalf. Last week’s Hall of Fire meeting was great, with at least twenty folks getting deep on the issue of racism in Middle-earth. This one’s a bit more on the lighter side, so read those books and scratch that memory!

What is your favorite moment in each of the Three Ages in the history of Arda (Middle-earth and the rest of the world)? For the First Age, maybe the War of Wrath? In The Second Age, how about forging of the Rings of Power? And the end of The Third Age, the destruction of the Ring?

The place: The Hall of Fire; connect to Barliman’s and type /join #thehalloffire
Your hosts: Gandalf, Nazfyratu, and Tookish
The time: Saturday, April 15, 5:30 EST (-5 hours GMT)

You may have noticed a new moderator in our line-up. We’re please to announce that Barliman’s chat regular Nazfyratu will be mcing Hall of Fire chats alongside your regular hosts. Welcome Naz!