Our Super Ring Spy Galadriel has chimed in once again with some news on the LOTR Production, let’s see who’s fate was sealed this time.

Oh, Canadian one,

It is I, Galadriel, I’ve yet again come across something that may be of interest to you. While completing an assignment where I had to off a target and make it look like a heart attack, I had an encounter with a strange man who knew I was in contact with you and your Lord Of The Rings Fanatics, so he gave me these fascinating bits of information.

The Helms Deep set at the Haywards Hill quarry has stopped production for a three week holiday. Upon completion of the final take, Peter Jackson announced free beer and champagne for the entire cast and crew, which included 200 Rohan warriors.

The quarry set pieces will be torn down and sections will be rebuilt, they are making another area of Helms Deep, the areas to be torn down are the brieched wall and the causeway.

The Stone Street Studios Helms Deep set is also almost complete, that studio is almost empty. there are plans to do much more Blue Screen work there, in the future.

The scenes in which we see the Uruk-Hai being created are complete.

The production will now move to Tongariro National Park for 3 weeks. What they are filming there may be of interest to you.

It’s the last alliance between Elves and Men

They are shooting the prologue to this entire Trilogy, the fight between Elves and Men against the Enemy, the park is going to be used only for the large scale battle scenes, and not for any close up ‘acting’ scenes.

That is all.

and for my heart attack victim? Let’s just say he won’t be getting on anyone nerves anymore….

but that is between me and my God’s, until next time

keep an eye open,