Some interesting mail has come in over the last few days as people think over what they’ve seen in the preview.
This from Oren:
“The elves believe that Melkor bred the race of the Orcs by the corruption of captured elves since Melkor could not actually create things by himself, just warp and twist them.

Check here for enhanced images from the LoTR preview showing Legolas and an orc. I think it is hard not to notice the similarities. The makeup and prosthetics make it quite easy to believe they might be somehow related. Note the facial structure, ears and hairline.”
Another comment from various sources, and something I observed myself among the orc extras: The orcs may not be called orcs in the production. They are mainly referred to as ‘Goblins.’ However the Uruk Hai are called that.
Apparently there has been a scene filmed of the birthing of the Uruk Hai, and it’s described as very freaky. Ewwwww. I don’t want to think about it!
Lastly, there’s been some discussion of the snippet of Sindarin that you hear on the official site. Check out the state of Elf language research on the Elfling mailing list.