Hello all…. Gamgee here! I am going to attempt a weekly Tolkien humor section. If you have any Tolkien related jokes, send them to me, and I’ll see you get the proper credit if they are used! Well, since this is the 1st attempt at it, I have had to ask a few friends, so thanks to Gandalf, Pippin Took, and Myself for this one.
“Top 10 failed names for the Lord of the Rings movies”
10) Throw Hama from the Train
9) The Elvish Patient
8) Sting Blade
7) Fried Green Taters
6) My Left Hairy Foot
5) Legal Smeagols
4) There’s something about Eowyn
3) Bravehobbit
2) Excalibutterbur
1) The Orthanc Redemption