From: Zeppelin

Today at 18:00 on Swiss TV, ‘TSR1’, on the Sunday program dedicated to modern world literature and authors called “Un livre, Un jour”, translated as: “One Novel, One day”, there was an interview of a French novelist originally from Algeria (forgot his name to tell you the truth). When asked what his favorite author was he pronounced to an astonished audience that he placed J.R.R. Tolkien as his favorite author and LotR as the best series ever published. This then lead on to a six minute (out of a ten minute show) debate on whether or not his works classified as ‘literature’, and they even spoke about the upcoming film. By the end of the program by general agreement it had been decided that the LotR was a work of great ‘literary’ value, though not much hope was given to the upcoming films, apparently the program seemed to have something against Peter Jackson… obviously none of them have seen the trailer.