The download of the LOTR preview from the official website attracted a lot of attention on most of NZ’s media yesterday, and Tehanu was in the thick of it, being approached by two TV stations and two of the largest papers. TVOne did an interview on fan expectations and later turned up unexpectedly at her house to film her attempting to download the trailer. They got a good insight into the mayhem that we were seeing through our window into the world, Barliman’s, which had up to 100 people at once discussing their download experience. Thorongil, from Barliman’s, was making a non-virtual visit to Tehanu at the time. He surely didn’t expect to be interviewed for NZ national TV when he went to NZ, but he was a great spokesman for Tolkien fandom. In the last 24 hours,’s been represented on TV twice and the Evening Post in Wellington, which you can view here; Kiwis, keep an eye on tomorrow’s Sunday Star Times as they may be doing more coverage.

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